SEO Jobs That Were Unknown A Decade Ago

Digital marketing was not offered in universities before as a degree. In fact, many veteran marketers today did not graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Journalism, yes, that’s probably the closest thing that they have to a marketing degree many years before.

While the internet may have been around for a while now, digital marketing was something that was out-of-this-world ten years ago. Fortunately today, there are plenty of programs offered in digital marketing and even some excellent career options in the field.

Let’s take a look at the five digital marketing jobs that were not present a decade ago.

• Digital Marketing Specialist
With the increasing number of businesses and people going digital, marketing, too, is fast on the uptake of the latest shift. Gone are the days were businesses only have billboards, newspaper ads, commercials, and direct mail to rely on in marketing their products and services. Today, we now have online ads, YouTube ads, and email to add on the list of ways to promote our business. Of course, marketing professionals and digital marketers still share the same objectives and goals. However, the difference is that the latter is all about being tech-savvy and digitally focused in order to create effective online marketing campaigns and digital messaging for consumers.

• Social Media Manager
Considering the fact that nearly 2.5 billion people today are engaging with various social media platforms, it is not much of a surprise to know that social media managers are one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. Tons of people are now using social media sites—the different virtual places where most people get news and information from. As social media managers, their main role is to manage, strategize and maintain their clients’ social networks and ensure that their brands are consistent and all customer feedbacks are addressed properly.

• Data Scientist
Data science is something that has long since existed in the business world. Yet, the role of a modern data scientist has evolved in a way that will match with the technological changes in the business. Today’s data scientists can now easily get their hands on expansive amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data wherein they have to be able to gather, interpret and use such large data sets into data strategies for businesses. The ability to correctly utilize all this information is critical for you to gain an edge over your competitors. Remember that the key to a successful business is through understanding your market.

• SEO Analyst
SEO analysts are responsible for optimizing their client’s website and content with the ultimate goal of boosting online visibility so that potential customers can easily find the company. An SEO analyst should be able to analyze the website, devise and implement strategies, and lastly, improve search rankings. This is a job where being up-to-date with Google’s latest trends and changes are extremely important since SEO is constantly changing.

• UX Designer
User experience (UX) designers focus on improving the experience of users. The job revolves around identifying the various options and approaches through A/B testing in order to find out the best types of call to actions, landing pages, customer journeys, and so on across the site. In doing so, customer experience and the overall satisfaction of consumers will significantly improve.

SEO Tips For Local Service Businesses

A service business has to stay on top of its game with digital marketing if it wants to become successful. Nonetheless, just because digital marketing offers great things doesn’t mean you should grab on them.

The internet is perhaps the most time-consuming invention ever created by humanity. With that reason, a regular service business that provides intangibles such as insurance, banking, consulting, accounting, landscaping, designing, transportation, education services and so much more, has to leverage on digital marketing to nurture its growth.

Digital services marketing is a marketing area that focuses on the promotional outreach using digital technologies, which is mainly done via the internet. That said, this terminology also includes the use of mobile phone and other digital mediums to promote a brand, product, or a service.

According to many veteran digital marketers, end-user experience should be the very core focus of marketing.

Do you agree, too?

Considering all those things, here are some tips that service businesses should take note of if they want to grow their business in the digital marketing space.

• For your content generation, maintain a “quality over quantity” kind of mindset. This basically means that the audience naturally wants to hear and read content from you, but only if you have something valuable, fresh, and interesting to say.

Provide content that gives useful and relevant information to your digital audience as this will help you position your business for future business opportunities.

• Watch out for the diminishing return on digital content, hence, you have to plan and think well on what you create and why.

• Be wise and strategic on the channels you will use as not all channels are best suited for reaching out to your target audience. Social media channels, for instance.

Use only those that are frequently inhabited by your prospects, something that makes sense for your business and those that still displays the professionalism level your company maintains.

• Apart from content generation, you also have to watch out for the channels you will use to deliver your content. Being strategic on this certain part allows you to be on top of those channels and greatly influence your growth.

• For data, use as much as you have tracked that you think is useful. Data is one of the main factors in succeeding in digital marketing. Tracking data helps not just to understand how content and marketing work, but you can also use it to strengthen your strategy.

There are countless data tracking applications you can use that will provide you with possible decisions to take on according to the evidence and information gathered. These data decisions will immensely help your business rapidly grow.

• Do not just stop with tracking data. Continue by reviewing and integrating them with your current digital marketing strategy.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of SEO Writer’s Block

Sure, you have a topic at hand, but what’s the use of it when you cannot form a single word. Writer’s block is the mental paralysis usually experienced by seasoned writers that accompanies a clean sheet of paper or empty Word doc.

The relevance of your contents is one of the main elements of both organic and paid rankings, something that requires words, which in turn, requires inspiration. To search engine marketers, there are several resources that can help you break free from SEO writer’s block, and these are as follows;

  1. Research keywords

The first best way to eliminate writer’s block is through the underlying foundations of SEO, which is keyword research. After all, search queries stem from the need for people to gather information about a product or service that they wish to purchase.

Thus, it’s only normal to use this tool if you’re not sure what to write next. You can do this by utilizing the primary keywords that you are targeting in your posts and find relevant phrases and questions that you can provide answers for.

Moreover, take note on the long-tail keywords that generate fewer searches than the most popular terms because these can help you construct a contextual relevance on your content and establish a natural tone.

  • Search on Google

Contents that have great rankings are exemplary models for creating new contents that will rank well. As your starting points, you can start with both the manufacturer’s descriptions and your competitors’ websites. However, always remember not to cross the online, which means you should never—in any way—perform plagiarism.

Aside from the obvious fact that its illegal, search engines will right away know your violation and deflate your rankings immediately. Having said that, there’s no harm in using other’s content as your inspiration to create your own content.

  • Provide solution(s)

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your target customer. Imagine what you need and how a certain product can fulfill that need of yours. Technically, customers don’t purchase a product because they want the product itself, but rather, they purchase because they want the benefits that come along with the product. Of course, the same holds true for services.

For example, a customer may want a Bluetooth speaker because he’s tired of having to connect the auxiliary cable to the laptop and speaker. She may want to get a pedicure without having to buy the materials and do it herself.

  • Create an outline

Draft the main points of your content and use that rough draft to turn them into sentences and paragraphs. Outlining your ideas give you the opportunity to cover all important points and organize them in a clear order.

  • Start small

Sometimes it helps to just write anything you can think of on paper no matter how small or few those words are. Don’t stress yourself with making the spelling and grammar all error-free. You can think of that later on when you have finally created a complete article.

Even one crummy sentence or two is worth a pat in the back. Take a rest and have some food, and you can continue on fixing that sentence and expanding your thoughts more clearly this time.

Things To Consider For Your SEO Strategy

The great thing about this industry is that it is normal to exchange SEO tactics and marketing ideas to mutually benefit each other. As we all know, not every industry behaves like this.

The bad news now is that we tend to spend less time in discussing how to develop our very own SEO strategies, which shouldn’t be the case at all. While it is an unwritten rule for every SEO strategy to be distinct from one another, there will always be an underlying strategy for developing these strategies.

Here are five things that you need for your SEO strategy and for others as well.

  1. Mind map
    A mind map serves as your home base wherein you are to build your strategy from square one. It is a series of branches of categories that usually starts from the center and moving from more general to more specific categories, with small ideas on it. Do not mistake a mind map for your final strategy presentation, rather, think of it as means to think about your plan.

    Mind maps work by helping you envision your thoughts to make it easier for you to fuse ideas and fit them together as a whole. Lastly, it enables you to overview all things at once with a network kind of structure the way real brain works, so it is highly useful in developing your SEO strategy.
  2. Visual representation
    After you have established a solid foundation for your strategy, you will now need a more holistic and advanced document than your mind map.

    This entails creating goals with specific tasks needed to achieve those goals as well as subtasks that will increase in number and will be redefined as time goes on. You need to be able to present it to all parties involved and you need to do it in a way that will be simple enough to be understood by your team or clients.

    As for tools, you can use whatever you like may it be Google Sheets, Trello, etc. so long as it is presented clearly. Also, make sure that all parties can easily make changes when necessary.
  3. Understanding the Company
    Whether you’re an in-house, outsourced SEO, or even the website owner itself with enough qualifications to be an SEO specialist, you must need to have a greater understanding of your client’s company or your company itself before you can create a successful SEO strategy.

    You have to be very familiar with the strengths benefit from, the tactics that best suit the brand and the obstacles that are in your way.

    Here are some of the most important factors you need to know;
     The product or company’s distinction from its competitors
     The company’s vision
     The company’s weaknesses
  4. Understanding the Audience
    You need to determine your target audience, which means you have to dig deeper than just knowing the keywords they are searching for.

    You can get to know them better by talking, handing out surveys, and evaluating the most common internet hangouts. Other important things to consider include;
     Their stand on marketing and upselling meaning how do they take this kind of promotions.
     The level of knowledge of your clients whether they are complete gurus to every subject matters or they are entirely oblivious to your industry’s language
     The kind of clients you will have, say, consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B)
  5. Accurate goals
    Finally, we have accurate goals and by this, I mean the need to focus the right metrics and key performance indicators, not just putting all attention solely on increasing your bottom line. Sure, it is normal to want to boost your revenues, however, a strategy is about achieving goals that will turn your company into a successful business.

    This means that your metrics should be closely related to the working parts themselves whether these are links, rankings, authority, or organic search traffic. The main point here is that everybody should agree on what metrics to measure your success on and which are sensible for your business.

What an SEO Agency Can Do For Your Business

With the ever-growing population of digital content and the rising popularity of digital channels, there’s no denying the fact that SEO is a major contributing factor in the growth of a business.

Furthermore, social network users around the world can now be roughly estimated to up to two billion in number—all of which can be easily connected and reached out into through the internet.

Social media, for starters, is probably the best digital channel that allows you, businesses, to interact with your customers. That said, running your social media accounts(s) without a planned out strategy or even having a website without SEO is no longer enough in building your brand’s online presence.

Remember that accomplishing your business goals is tremendously hard—even impossible—if you don’t have effective marketing strategies to back them up. This is the time where you will need the help of marketing experts to guide you through in the world of digital marketing.

Before you shake hands with your new marketing agency, make sure that they can provide you with the following things.

  1. Match your company’s personality
    When looking for a marketing company to work with you, you have to take a look at their performance and history because it’s as important as choosing a business partner. After all, it’s always better and easier to work with people that have the same values as you have. Get to know a prospect by initiating casual conversations apart from your formal meetings with them. In doing so, you can find a marketing agency that you can comfortably work with.
  2. Provide you the right staff
    A good marketing agency gives you a competent marketing team that is geared up to help you meet your business goals. Any employee of them should work on your business’s success, so it’s only natural for you to feel at ease and confident with their expertise and knowledge.
  3. Understand your business goals
    Depending on their main strengths, the right digital agency is tailored to reach your target audience and meet your specific goals. Go over your company needs and look for a marketing agency that has a solid set of assets and strengths that will aid you in achieving your goals—be it short-term or long-term.
  4. Execute up-to-date strategies
    Digital marketing is moving at a steady but rapid speed with how fast technology evolves. As a result, businesses must stay at the top of their game by keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Otherwise, they run the great risk of falling behind the competition.
  5. The right digital marketing firm is able to arm itself with the current and most effective marketing strategies and tactics. For instance, due to the increase in mobile usage, it is now crucial for businesses to have their websites optimized for mobile use.
  6. Show commitment to working with your company
    Pick the agency that could reply to your inquiry as early as possible—one with a personalized answer at that. If a company is truly committed to working with you, then they should be able to answer you immediately and do it without those pre-made template nonsense.
  7. They should also be able to communicate to you easily, respond promptly and address any concerns you may have without much difficulty.

If you are interested in learning more about search engine optimization, it may be time to consult a Las Vegas SEO expert such as


Introduction to CCS

Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) provides a means to dramatically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere from industrial facilities or when electricity is generated by fossil fuel power plants. Although carbon dioxide is neither toxic nor inherently dangerous, the overabundance of atmospheric CO2  is believed to be a major contributor to global climate change.


Environmental experts discuss the role that carbon capture and sequestration can play in achieving needed reductions in carbon dioxide emissions in order to mitigate global climate change.

Up until now, the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has been inevitable when power is generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.  Now, however, new power plants are being designed with processes to separate carbon dioxide so that it is not released into the atmosphere. Instead, the CO2 is captured and can be piped to underground geological formations where it can be permanently sequestered.